About Us


Messrs. Chin & Associates, Solicitors was established in 2001 in Hong Kong. We have a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic working staff consisting of solicitors, legal executives and other clerical staff with vast experience in the legal field. Our firm provides a comprehensive line of high quality legal services including civil and criminal litigation, company, commercial, property, matrimonial, immigration, probate, bankruptcy, trust services, international business, patent and trademarks, etc.

Practice Areas


Commercial and Corporate

We provide a broad range of corporate and commercial services essential for companies in any business environment. Our widespread experience allows us to


While most of our services are commercially oriented, we have specific division for matrimonial issues. Services provided include:


Our vast experience in serving private and commercial clients has enabled us to understand the disruptive nature of bankruptcies. We are equipped to assist

Hong Kong Immigration

Why do you need a solicitor to make your immigration application? Immigration is not a straightforward application, quite often, you will encounter obstacles including identification,

Legal Opinion

Legal opinions are often used for a variety of situations. In financial transactions, a legal opinion may be needed before a company enters into loan agreement or making investment decision. In this case,

Civil Celebrant

According to the Mariage Ordinance (Chapter 181), a Civil Celebrant of Mariages can celebrate a marriage at any time and venue of your choice in Hong Kong. We can provide

Conveyancing and Tenancy

We handle both residential and commercial conveyancing. Our experience with indemnity insurance and conveyancing for all legal work can assure you

Criminal Procedure

Criminal charges can be devastating to a person’s career and future. The difference between a verdict of acquittal or conviction is directly linked to the quality

Civil Procedure

To best meet our client's interests, litigation is not always the best method. Our team of solicitors and legal executives

Wills, Probate and Trust

We are experienced on a wide range of non-contentious services in relation to wills and probate matters, including:

Mainland China Service

We are well versed in the legal system of Mainland China and sensitive to the Chinese law and the development of Chinese society. In addition, we work closely with Chinese law firms to