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Chin & Associates, Solicitors associates with “Guangdong Honganxin Law Firm (HK)"

Chin & Associates, Solicitors associates with “Guangdong Honganxin Law Firm (HK)
Chin & Associates, Solicitors associates with “Guangdong Honganxin Law Firm (HK)

Chin & Associates, Solicitors officially formed an association with Guangdong Honganxin Law Firm (HK). It is a new chapter in our legal business.

Guangdong Honganxin Law Firm is a private partnership law firm approved by the Department of Justice of Guangdong in order to bring in line with the international standards. They are mainly engaged in various litigation and non-litigation affairs and has abundant human resources which formed a wide variety of professional departments according the professions of their lawyers in order to meet the requirement of the clients. Having 30 lawyers, more than 50 lawyer assistants and legal assistants, more than 10 senior consultants, Honganxin Law Firm has abundant of human resources, and their senior legal adviser come from the retired cadres of departments of public, procuratorate, legal system, land and real estate, industry and commerce, financial system, and engineering cost. The main senior executives hired by the firm include: the former president of the Second Criminal Division (economic crimes court) of the Guangdong Provincial High Court, the former deputy chief of the real estate division of the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, the former deputy director of the Property Rights Division of the Guangzhou Housing Administration Bureau, and the former Deputy Director of the Economic Investigation Division of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, former Director of the Economic Inspection Division of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of a certain district of Guangzhou, Senior Willing Questions of the Guangdong Provincial Construction Project Cost Management Station, and the person in charge of the Panyu City Legal Affairs Office. With their abundant human resources, the firm con provide high-quality company legal services and services regarding economic disputes.

We believe that this association can combine the advantages of Hong Kong and Guangdong and leverage the resources of both firms to create an integrated professional cross-border legal service platform which can provide high-quality professional legal services to mainland, Hong Kong and overseas clients.