Legal Opinion

Legal Opinion

Legal opinions are often used for a variety of situations.

In financial transactions, a legal opinion may be needed before a company enters into loan agreement or making investment decision. In this case, we offer corporate legal opinion on:

  • the company's corporate status
  • advising our clients whether there is any legal proceeding by or against the company, uncovering potential risks or opportunities

With the purpose of constituting a legally binding contract, we can advise our clients on:

  • the due execution of contract
  • the validity of the agreement which the Hong Kong company/person is a party to, in accordance with its respective terms, making certain that the agreement is legally enforceable in Hong Kong

For assisting legal proceedings overseas where a point of Hong Kong law has become relevant, we are able to offer a legal opinion and assist overseas court on the interpretation of the Hong Kong legislations and legal principles applicable to the circumstance.